Orthotic therapy

Orthotic therapy

Orthoses are custom made devices prescribed by your podiatrist taking into account the structural imbalances of your feet and body. Orthotic therapy can help treat many different problems such as painful arches, aching legs or back, bunion pain, plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.

Orthoses can also be important in preventing the development of any deformities in the feet. This may be important for children.

What does it involve?
A full biomechanical assessment.
This is a full assessment of the muscles and joints of your feet and body and how they function when you walk. It will also take into account your footwear and daily activities.

Advice and possible referral.
Before an appropriate device is prescribed, you may be given advice on footwear, stretching or strengthening exercise or referred on for X-rays or assessment by another health professional.

Plaster casting or template.
If orthoses are required, a plaster mould or template may be taken of your feet and made according to the podiatrist’s prescription at an orthotic laboratory, specifically for your feet.

Issue and review.
Your orthoses issue appointment will be made 2-3 weeks from the assessment date. Further review appointments may be required to make minor adjustments.

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