Lower back ache

Lower back ache

How does walking produce lower back pain?

Feet that roll in too far when walking cause the bone in the leg called the tibia to rotate inwards. This inward rotation of the tibia unlocks the knee joint, forcing the knee to function in a bent position (flexed). The flexed position of the knee causes the hamstring muscles in the back of the thigh to tighten. This in turn places a force on the lower back and causes the hips to also function in a flexed position, which may lead to lower back ache.

Another way walking may cause lower back ache

Lower back ache can also be caused by one foot rolling in more than the other when walking or running. The leg that rolls in the most, shortens the distance between the ground and the hip on that side. Thus, a functional limb length difference is created. The resultant imbalance at the hips affects the function of the lower back.

What can you do?

If you suffer from lower back ache and feel that your feet may roll in too far when you walk, consult your podiatrist for advice.

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