Growing pains

Growing pains

Many children suffer from what is commonly known as ‘growing pains’ at some point in their development. Symptoms include vague descriptions of aching pains in the ankles, legs, knees or hips. The pains often wake the child up during the night and can be a source of misery for both the child and parents.

Usually the pain is due to muscles and bones growing at different rates, whereby the bones have lengthened more quickly than the muscles, causing strain where the muscles attach.

Most children who suffer from ‘growing pains’ have what podiatrists term as an unstable gait pattern. This commonly means that their feet are ‘excessively pronating’, or rolling in too far, giving a flat-footed appearance.

If this is the case, special insoles or orthotic devices prescribed by a podiatrist can be greatly beneficial in reducing the pain and making the developing child more comfortable.

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