What is a bunion?

A bunion is a bulging or bony prominence on the inside of your foot just below the base of the big toe. A sac of thick fluid called a bursa may form over this bony prominence, as this is the body’s way of protecting itself from injury.

If the bursa is continually rubbed by footwear as you walk it may become painful and inflamed. Care should be taken that the skin does not get broken in this area as infection may result.

How do you get bunions?

Bunions may occur for one or more reasons, which include:

  • Tight or incorrect fitting shoes
  • The shape of the bones in the feet
  • Feet that ‘roll in’ when walking
  • Heredity
  • Because of other arthritic disorders

How do you treat them?

Bunions may become quite painful. To decrease this pain, your podiatrist will discuss treatment options which include methods of decreasing the pressure over the bunion. Conservative methods will include:

  • Education about footwear
  • Orthotic devices if your feet ‘roll in’
  • A pad/cover over the area
  • Localised inflammatory techniques
  • Exercises to strengthen the muscles within your feet
  • Referral to a specialist podiatrist surgeon

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