Ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails

Some nail conditions, such as ingrown toenails require removal of part or the entire toenail. The procedure is able to be carried out by specialised trained podiatrists.

A small section is removed from the side of the nail without cutting any skin, therefore requiring no stitches.

A special chemical is then used to kill the nail bed/matrix at its base to prevent it from regrowing.

Each person’s body resistance differs, therefore no guarantee of re-growth can be given, however as a general rule if re-growth does occur it does not cause problems. The success rate is approximately 95% which is extremely high for any medical procedure.


The procedure:

  • Needs you to allow about 1.5 hours for the appointment time
  • Requires regular re-dressing for approximately two weeks afterwards and in the initial stages needs to be kept dry
  • Will leave your toe numb for a couple of hours, so we advise you to organise transport home
  • Requires you to sign a consent form

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