Digital Wax Bath

Digital Wax Bath

Cold Feet? This is Your Answer

Ideal for vascular deficiencies to toes such as Peripheral Vascular Disease, Raynaud’s, Erythema, Pernio (chilblains) or just cold feet.

The feet are placed in a plastic bag where the liquid paraffin wax has been poured into previously. This wax, being 53 degrees Celsius, is the ideal temperature to increase the circulation to the distal areas of your feet, which usually lasts for some weeks.

Ideally, just prior to winter is the best time and usually a couple of treatments is sufficient.

After the wax has solidified, the bag and wax are removed and disposed of, leaving a very warm and supple foot that feels great.

Department of Veterans Affairs are bulk billed.
Private health funds may cover some part of the treatment.

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