Chilblains may be found on feet that are often cold. They are especially seen on toes and may appear as small changes in the colour of the skin – purple, blue, pink or red. They often cause intense itching that may be painful. Scratching may lead to the skin being broken and ulceration.


  • Exposure to cold/damp environment
  • Inadequate or constricting clothing, footwear and socks
  • Poor circulation


  • Adequate clothing, woollen socks and footwear that is not too tight
  • Adequate nutrition
  • Avoiding extremes of temperature – if the feet are cold, don’t try to warm them quickly by putting them close to the heater
  • Improving blood supply
  • Avoid trauma to the skin
  • Take care of your general health and include regular exercise in your daily routine
  • Your podiatrist may be able to arrange a paraffin foot wax bath, which should increase the circulation in your toes for some weeks.

Unfortunately chilblains may still occur. There are four different levels of chilblain severity, each of which requires different treatment. Professional help from your doctor or podiatrist may be needed, such as certain chilblain creams.

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