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History of Morecroft’s Podiatry

Leonard Cuthbert Morecroft
Leonard Cuthbert Morecroft

Morecroft’s Podiatry Services officially began trading on August 6th in 1997.  Prior to this time, the business was well known to locals as ‘Morecroft’s Shoes’. Morecroft’s Shoes was officially formed in 1960 by husband and wife duo Leonard Cuthbert Morecroft (pictured left) and Caroline Amelia Morecroft. They opened the shoe shop on the 1st of September in 1960 at 325 Main Street, Lilydale.

The store was an icon in the main street of Lilydale and was well known for its professional shoe fitting and friendly service. After 12 years of running the shoe shop, Mr and Mrs Morecroft entered into a new partnership with William Samuel Mackieson (Bill) and Judith Lee Mackieson in August 1972. Bill and Judy then became the proprietors in 1980 and continued to trade as Morecrofts Shoes.

During this time Bill Mackieson developed a greater love and passion for feet and decided to open a Podiatry Clinic to further enhance the services available to the community of Lilydale. Morecrofts Podiatry Services began trading on the 6th of August, 1997 at the corner of Main and Castella Street Lilydale, Victoria.

Morecroft’s Podiatry


Bill Mackieson initially employed a podiatrist to work in the clinic until he graduated from a Bachelor of Podiatry at La Trobe University in 1999. During this time, Bill Mackieson and his team of Podiatrists and allied health professionals have provided high level services to the community and have offered services to many hostels and nursing homes across Victoria.

In 2000 Morecroft’s Podiatry Services needed a bigger home and moved to Shops 8-10 on the corner of Castella Street and Morecroft Place Lilydale, which was named after the original owners, The Morecrofts.

Bill Mackieson now offers mentoring programs for graduates and students on placements, while continuing to practice 4 days a week. Based in Lilydale, Morecroft’s Podiatry also provides services to aged care facilities spanning vast areas of Victoria, including Alexandra and Eildon.

The team at Morecroft’s Podiatry give lectures to GP clinics on various foot conditions, and in addition, talks to community groups on caring for their feet.


We have Hicaps facilities at our practice for quick and easy health fund claims.

We also bulk bill for EPC and Department of Veterans Affairs (Gold card) clients.

We accept eftpos, credit card and cash. Payment required on the day.  Enquire within regarding appointment costs.